Sometimes you’ve got the task like «to show nothing, to tell nothing, to make everyone fall in love with the product». How to find the solution that will fit?


Considering that basic characteristics of a product are not fitting to any insight of its target audience, additional characteristic was added - emotional protection. Stuff It! Level assigned to every protective artifact is demonstrate the project’s big idea. The NET Stuff It! Level on About page hints that in the specified address user will meet much more products than shown on the site.

In fact, is video lookbook which filmed by all the rules of drama. And since day-to-day work of developers does not matter (monitor is filled be code, and the table - with empty coffee cups), look making-off and see what is happening on the film set. It will help you to catch the spirit of this project the best.

... Finally, spending about 20 minutes on the site, the user matures to become more familiar with the store. The user can not find any contact info, except of the address to which the doors are closed for all of us. But the site has the registration form in which the user can select the vacant time and get an SMS with the personal password. «Staging» is the one of those words, passwords, which also answers the question in the first paragraph of this case.

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